Wednesday, June 25, 2014

A Moody Collection

Nutella choc chip cookies.  They are fudgey and chocolately and the perfect antidote to moody Winter evenings.
New additions to my vintage printed glass collection, courtesy of the local op-shop. Still in the original box and destined to be used. Every day.
This just makes me happy. Plain and simple. Thank you local second-hand shop and community garden (again)
 Sitting and chatting with a friend  at San Churro till way into the night, making your kids wonder what has happened to you.
 Breathtaking colours. The trees at my kindergarten are amazing. So lucky. 

The only thing I don't like about The Small House are my neighbours smelly,    smoky chimneys. My washing is not a fan either.
Here's one I prepared earlier.  That awesome moment when you find a pie in the freezer when it's too late to begin cooking.
Noticing nature's wonders and stopping to take a photo. And almost tumbling down the embankment in the process.
The changing moods of the sky on my walk. I walk at night. My friends think I am mad.
 Weekly Stills @ The Beetle Shack


  1. Yes. A pie in the freezer - perfect. Awesome tree too... just imagining jumping and rolling around in all the delightful red crunchy leaves. Brilliant.

  2. great finds at the op shop, lovely pie and thanks for sharing your walk!


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