Tuesday, May 20, 2014

It's Simple, Really.

I have been inspired by  this post5 Ways You Can Simplify Your Life at Home, over at Apartment Therapy, and wanted to share it.

The article lists 5 main ways to make life easier and more enjoyable. I am sure that we all do these things in some way all the time, but it always good to have a reminder. When we moved to the small house, I was mindful of getting rid of needless stuff and finding homes for all the things we do need, but it is so easy to lose focus and let things get out of control. I have  been thinking about simple ways that I am putting this theory into practice, knowing that a little time spent wisely every day leads to a happier and more organised home. 

1. Have less stuff
I well know that "having less visual and mental clutter" is a really good thing. I have been "actively de-cluttering" old magazines and recipe books, cutting out recipes I want to keep, including ones I have cooked (and liked) and ones I intend to try. Then I have been cutting up the left-overs to take to kindergarten for a project we are undertaking (Everyday vs. sometimes foods) I have been writing links to recipes in books and magazines in a daily food journal, so I can locate them easily. So far I have cleared half a  shelf in the bookcase, and am feeling inspired in the kitchen.

2. Have a daily routine (that includes mindful tasks) 
I am being mindful in my household tasks, enjoying the time spent (well certainly trying to) and having everything I need easily accessible, including a pretty basket of cleaning cloths in the laundry. I also reward work done with things I enjoy such as roses on the table, and fresh pillowcases on the bed.
3. Have a home command center
I am utilising a big wooden chest of drawers-type-thing in my hall way to house paperwork "so I don't lose my sanity by never knowing where anything important is" This is a bit of a work in progress, as papers and the tasks associated with them seem never-ending. I may have to rifle a bit, but at least I know what I am searching for is in there! This amazing piece of furniture is also home to shoes in the bottom two cupboards. It  keeps them off the floor, quick to grab on the way out the door and out of eyesight, which is also important to my sanity.
4. Do things right when they need to get done 
I am happy to go to bed each night knowing that the kitchen is clean, and even happier in the morning. I am learning to do the same with my wardrobe  trying the new mantra  of "don't leave yourself with spots you have to tidy up later" I am good for a few days, and then I am not.

5. Ask for help and delegate
Mr M is home more these days and he is most excellent at cleaning the kitchen, making the lunches and doing the school bus run. And he always brings me  coffee in bed. The girls are responsible for their bathroom and own bedrooms (including changing their own linen)  and help out with the washing and the dishwasher. Nothing is perfect, but it works for the most part.

 What do you do to create a simplified and more enjoyable life at home?

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  1. helpful tips, thanks for sharing..my favourite, less stuff! I love the cushion in your hallway x


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