Sunday, May 25, 2014

Inside The Wardrobe

After my post on keeping things simple, I felt motivated to get into my 'floordrobe' and get some organising done.  I clearly still have some work to do, including sorting according to type, season and colour, but at least everything is hanging up, or sorted into bags. I have a few bags for clothes I intend to fit into again (more on that soon) and things I don't wear often but want to keep.  My most worn scarves are in the attractive fluffy box, while the small wooden chest is useful for storing handbags. The upper shelves need a bit of attention, especially re-folding my knits, which I tend to throw up onto the shelf when I've finished wearing or trying them on. 

I intend to continue to sort my clothes into a better system, and have done some research on the matter, which you may also find helpful.

Useful tips on how to assess, de-clutter, organise and evaluate your clothing. Helpful PDF download

How to develop a 3 Zones system to cope with often worn and less worn articles. 

It is always helpful to remember:
"you only use 20% of your clothes 80% of the time!”

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  1. You're giving me the motivation I need. I love this quote, its absolutely true, I wear the same things all the time! I'm about to have a wardrobe clean out before the new season begins x


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