Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Weekly Collection

  1. Sorting through my magazines reminded me of a little project I had started a while back. I found it in one of the drawers of the coffee table and discovered that all that was left to do was crochet the centre part of the bow and then put it together. I am glad I did.
2. This little fellow affectionately named Panamby Garuhlos is a fabulous new home for one of my pinched succulents
3. The floor-drobe becomes a wardrobe again
 4. Basically just a snag in a roll. With chips.
5. An ace basket to store my current project 

6. The cutest little colander, perfect for rinsing fruit for lunches.

7. A little something I have wanted to make for ages. Do you know what it is?

Weekly Stills @ The Beetle Shack


  1. That colander is very cute.... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane

  2. I have that exact same bow sitting in my basket waiting for me to just finish it too, must get that done thank you for the reminder. Great basket for your crochet project and I am curious not sure what you are crocheting in that last photo:)

  3. No do tell us?????

    Great pics of a another week....have a good next one. Xx

  4. A very creative and colourful set of stills from your week.
    The little crochet bow is very sweet. x

  5. Love the yellow project basket, and I'm intrigued with the last picture!


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