Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How Long Is Too Long? (The Saga Of The Stools)

The story begins  last year in May, when we moved into the small house, and I finally decided the style of stools I wanted for my kitchen. I chose reproduction Tolix stools, in cheery yellow with a timber seat, and then set about doing my research. In June, I placed my order online with Home Q and paid the full amount for 4 stools and delivery. When I placed the order I received an email confirmation which  stated that the stools would be custom made in 6-10 weeks. I was a bit disappointed that I would have to wait so long, but excited at the same time.
 I waited patiently, for 6 weeks, then 7, then 10, and then I got in touch with the company. Apparently the stools were still in production. More time passed and as I had heard nothing I continued to ring and email and ask what had happened to my stools. There were plenty of stories including the one about how they had been on the shipping order but had not been included in the shipment. Then there was the one about how they had been damaged in manufacture. They promised me a quick turn around in 8 weeks and I think I may have snorted on the phone!  I was offered a full refund along with the stories, but mostly the promise that I could have what I had ordered. There was mention of delivery dates but nothing eventuated. I was hopeful and willing to wait. Time passed, and with it went Mr M's 50th party, Cup Day, Christmas and Australia Day. The phone calls and the stories continued.   I negotiated a refund of the shipping charges, for when they eventually arrived, and continued to be patient. Mr M was over it by this stage, and eventually in March a 'big wig' at the company came on the phone, when I once again inquired about the progress of my order.
It was at this point, (after apologies for poor service) that he told me that the order could not be fulfilled. There had been several attempts but as the consignment was so small the manufacturer did not put priority on it. Not sure why it took so long for someone to tell me that. I started to accept that I could not have what I wanted at this point, a mere 9 months later. He offered me a full refund, or a set of white or black stools for immediate shipment. After a few days I decided to go with the white. 
It still took a few more weeks and a few more emails to chase up the shipping refund, but I finally have stools in my kitchen. I do like them.

Oh, and I also now have a lovely set of four Eames DSW chairs as well, as some form of  compensation.
 Sorry about the long story, and the length of time taken to post, but  it has taken a while to ponder and write about what happened. 

How long have you been prepared to wait for something? 

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  1. Oh what a kerfuffle! I had similar experience with Domayne online - don't go there my friend!


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