Monday, April 14, 2014

Giant Doily Rug

Don't you just love a finished project? 

I started this rug as found on Pinterest a while ago, but quickly ran out of yarn. I haven't had a recent trip to the "big shops" to pick up any more. Living that bit further out means I don't go shopping that often these days, which is both good and bad!
My original plan was to use only grey for the whole rug, until I spotted the turquoise yarn at Riot on Friday. I really liked the way that they looked together, and decided to take a chance.
Imagine my delight to discover that the yarn had been reduced to  $1.29 a ball, from the original price of $3.99. With 10 balls already used, it was turning out to be a costly (but lovely) project.
 I left it over night to ponder the turquoise edging. I looked at it in the morning and asked the family for their input, and decided that the turquoise was a winner. I ended up using 17 balls in total, 14 grey and 3 blue to make it to the size I wanted.

I am so pleased with how it looks in the entrance, and it makes me smile whenever I walk past.

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