Saturday, December 7, 2013

Why It Is Probably Best To Wear A Bra

Let me tell you a little story, dear readers. It involves cars and underwear, and a fair bit of crying.

Every Wednesday I  drive The Ballerina the short distance to the bus stop, and then come back home. I don't usually work on Wednesdays, so I like to come home, hop back into bed with a cup of coffee, and  my crochet. Ahhh.

Well anyway, this Wednesday just gone, I climbed out of bed a few minutes before it was time to go. I pulled on some old, rather threadbare baggy pants and a cardigan over the singlet and undies that I had slept in. I put on my thongs, and drove The Ballerina to the bus. All was going to plan. "Yay Coffee", I was thinking. I knew there would be no time for crochet today, as I had to get ready for a morning at work.

I turned out of the bus bay, and headed for home. I had only traveled a short distance when I noticed that the car seemed to be running  a bit funny. I though perhaps I had a flat tyre, so I pulled over in a side street, and hopped out of the car to check the tyres. With a little click, the car locked itself, with the key inside and the engine running. And of course my mobile phone. Oh My Goodness! What on earth was I going to do? I tried the doors to no avail, and looked forlornly through the window at the key in the ignition. Should I knock on the door of one of the houses? Should I lay down on the nature strip and cry? So I decided at this point that the best bet was to go home and use the Big Girl's phone to call Mr M. Surely, he would know what to do.

I started running, which is of course when the no-bra issue came into play. A passing truck driver certainly copped an eyeful as I ran towards home, tears streaming down my face, puffing and panting.  It was close to home that my pants fell down, just a little bit, but thank goodness I was wearing underpants. Oh,  and have you ever tried to run in thongs? All kinds of  thoughts entered my mind as I ran. What if someone stole the car when I was gone? Would the RACV guy notice that  I wasn't wearing a bra?  Why did I not pull the key out of the ignition? What if I couldn't go to work. Should I take up running?

I arrived home, out of breath and began banging on the door, shouting out for the Big Girl. She shot out of her bedroom dazed and confused, and I quickly explained what was happening. We drove in her car back to my car, which was really just around the corner. It was thankfully still there. She checked all of the doors, at which point she discovered that the hatch was unlocked. What an amazing moment. HOORAY. She climbed in and unlocked the door, and I don't think I ever felt so relieved. EVER. My big girl saved the day.

So, I am thinking, that from here on in, I should be up and dressed (properly) before driving anywhere.... Just in case. 

I wonder has something like this ever happened to you? Do tell!


  1. Soooo hilarious I had to read it out loud to Mr G! Oh L we must be kindred spirits! I thought I could be reading about me !

  2. No... not yet! I always worry about it though... but for my mind tge crawling back into bed for coffee is worth the risk.

  3. Hahaha! I just read it out loud to my hubby and kids and we were hysterical. The boys said, "Mum! That sounds like you! You need to stop dropping us at school in your pj's!" So funny Laurel! Thanks for sharing this story - which I'm sure at the time seemed anything but funny ;)


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