Monday, December 9, 2013

A New Collection


1. pillowcase love
2. presents for my nieces from BLANK
3. not sure why I was so late to the quinoa party
4. cheerful front door thanks to a wreath made by my Mum (wonder if she'll notice I re-jigged the bow a bit)
5. my new favourite drink =  perfect vase
6. Just couldn't find a spot for the big tree, but loving the vintage look of my new little one


  1. We use the Quinoa as a crunchy breadcrumb mixture on chicken....dip in egg white/milk mixture then the quinoa flakes and bake in the oven.........YUM..... Regards Kathy A, Brisbane,Australia

  2. great colors in that wreath!
    and those pillows are so sweet-- great colors there too.
    tree look perfect!

    lovely collection.

    1. Thankyou Sara for visiting. I do love a bit of colour! I love your advent book idea. I am going to do that with my kindergarten class next year - thanks for the inspiration.

  3. what happy wreath!!!!!! I love those pillow cases - i got the gorgeous / handsome yellow ones - we are such kindred souls!! I am going nuts on ice teas - not the lipton ones, but making our own . Now THAT is late to the party by a few hundred years!

  4. Loveliness all around! I love love love your pillowcases as well as your gorgeous little tree. Happy festive season to you. Melinda x

    1. Thankyou Melinda for sharing the loveliness with me. happy festive season to you too xx


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