Sunday, December 15, 2013

A Birthday Collection

 Birthday Cake (and a crafty afternoon) with friends
 new shoes (from the Ballerina)
 Gifts from the Big Girl
Flowers from a co-worker
Delicious Banana Cupcakes to share with my kinder children (made by said co-worker!)
a surprise weekend (from Mr M)

It was my birthday last Wednesday. A thoroughly inconvenient time to have one, I might add. But, oh well. Me not complain (too much)

 Stills collections over @ The Beetleshack. 


  1. Happy Birthday!!! You look like you were spoilt and very well loved up! Your roses are beautiful as are the colour of your lovely new shoes. And how adorable is that cake??? Have a lovely week. Melinda x

  2. Happy Birthday looks like you had a good week. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. Happy birthday to you, that cake is amazing!

  4. Happy Birthday!
    Looks like a mid-week birthday turned out very well after all.
    Have a beautiful week x

  5. Oh a happy birthday to you.
    Such lovely gifts you received.


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