Saturday, October 19, 2013

House Guests For The Weekend

At my kindergarten we are mid way through an egg hatching program. I couldn't wait to bring the newly hatched babies home for the weekend, but Mr M was less than thrilled with the plan. My Ballerina, on the other hand is absolutely besotted. Even the big girl who has a bird phobia has had a little hold. She was terrified that they would be running about the laundry when she opened the door!

I love watching the ducklings tentatively taking to the water, and growing in confidence, splashing about. Each of the birds has a different personality we are discovering. The children will give them names next week at kinder, after thinking about it over the weekend.

I love how they snuggle up together,and call for each other. I can't help but giggle at big chicken sleeping while standing, and invariably toppling over. Little chicken lays down in the funniest ways to sleep, looking like he has been squashed. Must try and get a photo, it is so cute!

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  1. Oh, you brought back such a fun memory. I Remember being quite small and we had 1000 day old chicks in our shed ( on a farm) . I could not understand that 'squashed' look and kept thinking they were casualties!


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