Friday, October 18, 2013

Knit One

It has been quite some time since I have picked up my knitting needles. Recently, (amongst all of my other busyness), I went on a trip to some beautiful shops between Bacchus Marsh and Ballarat with a bus load of crafty types.  At Mill Rose Cottage in Ballan I fell in love with a lacy scarf and decided that I must make one, hoping it wouldn't be too difficult. 

So wool purchased and pattern in hand I began knitting. Well, after I had managed to untangle and wind the skein into a ball that is. I am sad to say this took up two full nights of knitting time.

This is the first serious lace knitting I have undertaken, not including some lacy dolly undies,  and whilst it is laden with little mistakes, I am finding it very satisfying. I have to   tick off each row of the pattern as I go along, so as not to lose track of where I am up to. 

The wool is a lovely soft alpaca and a delight to knit with. At the rate I am knitting, there should still be a few cool mornings left of the season for me to wear it too.

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  1. It is looking lovely Laurel. You are doing a great job...A bus trip with crafty types, that would be sooo much fun

  2. That is the most gorgeous green yarn. Love it. Where did you get it from???

    ... and I have to mark of the rows of even the simplest pattern. I am no good at all of keeping track of where I am.

  3. I love the colour and the pattern, its going to be beautiful.


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