Thursday, March 21, 2013

Put Your Best Foot Forward

It has been a roller coaster ride here over the last week or so, with finally some movement on the house selling front. After weeks of a steady stream of lookers, but no real buyers, we finally had a buyer come through showing some real interest. Mind you, our agent had advised us to lower the price range  to hopefully 'open up our options'. Anyway, this buyer made a low offer, which the agent immediately rejected. He advised him that in order to have a chance, he needed to "put his best foot forward" So, the buyer came up with a better offer, that was actually 20,000 higher than his first.
Now we had some serious thinking to do. The amount in question was still significantly lower than what we were hoping for, but it was the first genuine interest we had so far. We reminded ourselves that selling and moving on were our motivation. There are of course no guarantees that waiting would improve the result, but I can be certain that waiting would have increased our stress levels!
So now, we just have to wait for it all to go unconditional (fingers crossed) and then we are stepping off into the next part of our journey.

Thank goodness for crochet, even if it is fiddly and even if I have made a mistake or three, it really keeps me sane,
I will have to make the most of this creative space....because I won't have it for too much longer. But, I have a new and different one waiting for me!
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  1. Having recently sold and moved, I sooooo understand what you are going through!! And I also understand how your crochet is keeping you sane!! Thanks for dropping by my blog, and good luck with your impending move.

  2. ooh, gosh, that must have been a tough decision! Here's hoping it all goes through ok for you.


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