Sunday, March 24, 2013

A Sunny Collection


Some sweet finds from the op shop.
 The first time I had been in ages.
The stack of crochet squares is growing.
I am half way through now.
A shiny new car for the big girl.
I hope it serves her well.
playing along with Beetleshack


  1. Love your happy stack of crochet squares. Looks like a cool little car I bet your big girl is going to love it. x

  2. Ahhhh, crochet squares, I don't know why I will never be bored of them. I love looking at stills with wool and crocheting in them! Have a lovely week. :o) x

  3. How bright and cheerful those crochet squares are.
    Lovely op-shop finds.

  4. Super cute crochet! Those flowers are adorable and such sweet colours.
    Sophie x


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