Thursday, March 7, 2013

My Creative Space ~ W.I.P + Ribbons + Give-away

I have been working on my Birthday Planner/Organiser.

I have been struggling with the titles for each of the 5 tabs, which is kind of like that  blank page syndrome! A few times I have actually stopped to  ask myself 'What is the purpose of this planner?' to try and figure out exactly what it is I want to organise. So far I have come up with three headings and have made a contents list inside the front cover with the corresponding paper tape as used on the tabs. I have put my motex labeller into action!

So far I have:

wish lists
gift ideas

any ideas would be appreciated.

I am excited to announce that I am hosting a give-away to win some of the Collected & Co goodies I used to create my Organiser and I would love you to enter -  here

Collected & Co

There is nothing quite like new stationery in my book!

I have also been doing my least favourtite, not at all creative sewing task. The arduous task of sewing ballet ribbons and elastics onto pointe shoes. I was attempting to watch Parade's End, whilst stitching (and measuring and pinning and adjusting, and re-adjusting) but couldn't really figure out was going on. But I am pleased to report that the new shoes are all ready for Thursday's ballet classes. (look how shiny and pretty they are compared to the worn out ones)I can't imagine going through more than one pair a year, let alone several during one performance. I think then it will be time to teach the ballerina how to do it herself!

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  1. i love those note books! just gorgeous!
    Nothing is more magical than pointe shoes!


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