Monday, March 11, 2013

My Week


A week of - trying to stay cool in the heat and in the selling our home. Trying to buy a car for the big girl, trying to manage being back at work. 
  1. an old UFO from way back  here  and here  finally  finished, hooray! One less project in the trusty orange basket
  2. celebrating with a new project! Round Cushion Crochet Along  the front
  3. the back (using up scraps)
  4. a reminder for all about keeping the house tidy for inspections
  5. taking advatage of a sale - new baby gift in the planning
  6. delicious home-made chai. Recipe from Pip's -  Sew La Tea Do book, with almond tea, as the tea canister was empty
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  1. I love it when you get to finish a project and start a new one :o) I totally love the yarn collection, such lovely colours. Have a great week. :o)

    Sarah x

  2. ooh, I so have that wool! Isn't it lovely to crochet with!


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