Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Year In Review - Clearly Not The Year of Blogging!

I was going to do my usual Year in Review Post, month by month, so I started going back through my posts from early in 2012. And do you know what? They were pretty boring and mostly uneventful. And there were not too many of them either! So I have picked a few things of note,  and a couple of favourite images to remind me (and you) of the year that was. Some of them I didn't get to blog about, but they make up the journey that was 2012.

There was a family Birthday or two, a 19th Anniversary and some authentic Mexican food early in the piece. In March there was the unfortunate event that left my co-worker with a broken ankle, and was the start of a  difficult year for her, and a very challenging one at work for me!

I completed my first ever charity walk,  there was some art therapy, and  a little bit of crafting including some dolls, a monster and a poem, and I could not help myself with new crochet projects.  I got bitten by the hexagon bug and my Dad showed off his awesome quilting talents.

Throughout the year, we celebrated Easter, in which I mastered how to make meringues, and Mother's Day with tea, DVDs and chocolate. There was a quick trip to Bendigo and the Gold Coast for a surprise Wedding celebration. I undertook a challenge to clean and organise my house, which I found liberating.

I lost my hours at my second job, which made things a bit harder finacially, but much less stressing! I used my extra time to continue my positivity project in my workplace, developing a monthly newsletter and introducing annual awards.

My Big Girl continued  learning how to drive and got a new job, as well as starting her studies at TAFE. The Ballerina continued to triumph at dancing, (in my most popular post EVER) but also had to deal with some big life lessons.

I participated in some swaps: Pincushion, Winter Op Shop and  Christmas Ornaments. I did some op shopping, but much more culling and deleting!

We said Goodbye to my beautiful dog Matilda and my inspirational Grandma this year. Mr M mused on turning 49, my Dad turned 70 and my Big Girl celebrated 18. I made my own awesome Birthday cake and fist pumped the air at the conclusion of my year at work! Hooray for Christmas and parties and summer holidays.

2013 I embrace you, I welcome you and I can't wait to see what you have in store for my family and I. Thankyou dear readers for continuing on the blogging journey with me xx

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