Monday, January 7, 2013

Pin The Pin, Now Make The Make

I love, love, love Pinterest. I am a collector, an organiser, a visual learner. I am a pin board maker from way back. Always cutting out snippets of text and pictures from magazines, the newspaper, the junkmail! Collecting cards and drawings and sketched ideas. As a girl, my Dad made me a huge corkboard, and it was always covered with bits and pieces. Now, I stick those snippets (I am still compelled to complile) into my journal, and collect virtual images on the growing world of Pinterest. The web is a rich feast of pictures, a land of dreams and imagined ideas. Being a visual person, I love that what were once bookmarks are now pictorial reminders, with the link to the website for further investigation or follow-up. Never again will I be baffled by an unknown web address, or foiled by long lists of who knows what!
Now I will pin like crazy, creating new boards and a never-ending compilation of possibilities.

The amazing Miss Prudence has created an exciting challenge for the Pinterest addicts: Pin The Pin, Now Make The Make. It is all about turning those pinned dreams into  reality. Pick a pin, then make the pin, then post the make. Simple really! And brilliant.
Source: dottieangel via laurel on Pinterest

Personally I have long been coveting the idea of a crochet banner, like the ones in the Granny Chic Book and many blogs about the place. So this is the project I have chosen. I will be back shortly with a finished project. I always love a challenge!

So do you love Pinterest? Are you playing along with the challenge? Please do, we would love to see what has taken your fancy and spurred you into action!

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