Saturday, November 10, 2012

When Clay Meets Crochet

I followed a wonderful tutorial over at  Christina Lowry Designs  to make Air Dry Clay Ornaments

I discovered that different doileys make very different impressions.
I experimented with using some rubber stamps
and different shaped cookie cutters
I found this lovely string at Spotlight today ( I happily spent my $10 Christmas voucher on the clay on Thursday night)
I love all of the textures, and how each one is so unique.
I think they will look lovely tied onto presents wrapped in brown paper.
I may even pop one into my ornament swap packages!
A very enjoyable and productive way  way to spend an hour or two.
Thankyou Christina.
What did you spend your spotty voucher on?


  1. I don't think spotlight likes me anymore - they never send me anything...
    They look great you could experiment with all sorts of things...

  2. Lovely!!! What lind of clay did you use lauren - these would be fantastic for christmas presents, I am planning of using brown paper, ribbon, paper doilies and stamping - this would be a fabulous addition!

  3. Fantastic. You're gifts are going to be the bomb this festive season.

  4. How wonderful!! Looks like faun ornament to make:)

  5. oh, they look so so lovely! i can't believe you are *just* going to use them as present tags. They should be the gifts!

  6. I love these - beautiful textures! That would be a great project to make with children too!

  7. Wow! These are great, I love all the textures and shapes you've used!


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