Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Creative Space: Scrappy Hexagons

 The hexagons are multiplying....
and the basket is filling up!

Hexagons are being made from fabrics in my stash and precious vintage scraps.
I was inspired by the Mollie makes draught excluder in Issue 18, and just kept on going!
Will it be a big cushion, a table runner or dare I say it a quilt?
I don't know......depends how long the love affair lasts!
What would you make?

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  1. Keep going and make the will be gorgeous!!

  2. I am finding them so addictive. I find it calms me just sitting quietly and sewing some hexigons. A quilt would look amazing although small projects are easier and get finished quicker.

  3. it's looking so gorgeous and vintage already! xo

  4. i love hexagons, though i've never tried my hand at them. when i do, i think a table runner would be top of my want list x

  5. mmmmm, lovely lovely - all those vintages scraps coming together.

  6. They are lovely! Keep going till you can't do any more and then see what you end up with...I reckon you'll get to quilt size:)

  7. I'm very impressed. What you've done so far looks lovely. I've been thinking about making a hexagon cushion cover but a quilt would be amazing.

  8. That is something very special in the making indeed.


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