Monday, October 15, 2012

Rushing Through Time

When I was young I can remember always wishing for Summer. Summer meant exciting times for me, it was my Birthday and exactly two weeks later it was Christmas. I remember lying in bed, unable to sleep in those early days of December, with the curtains flaping in the breeze, daylight savings in full swing, filled with anticipation and excitement. Or looking out the classroom window at a blue sky and willing 3.30 to hurry up! Summer as a child meant school was nearly finished for the year and the long holidays would soon begin. Lazy days spent in the pool, reading books in the shade of the nectarine tree, holidays in the caravan or jumping about on the front lawn under the sprinkler. I rode my bike around the streets for hours and played at neighbour's houses, only coming home at tea time. I didn't seem to have a care in the World. I think that time began to slow down in those lazy, hot days of summer. But before long, the thoughts of a new school year loomed and it was time to start rushing time away again.

Is wishing time away the domain of the child?  Little focus on the here and now, with all thoughts  about the future.  Who will I play with at lunch time tomorrow? Who will I invite to my Birthday? What job do I want to do when I grow up?  What will the next school year bring? The Ballerina is always saying "I can't wait for my concert", The Big Girl "I can't wait until I am 18"

Or are children actually proficient at being in the moment? Building a block tower with every single block, making endless cups of tea for teddies, filling up bottles and pouring them out again, until the bath water is cold, swinging back and forth. Is it the adults that impose the rush for the next thing. Hurry up and finish that, because now we have to do this, or go there? Parents that pack-in after school activities to best prepare children for the life that lies ahead of them, parents that are time poor and always rushing themselves to get everything done, every single day.

On the weekend, Mr M turned 49. We celebrated with dinner out with friends and family, and cake at home with a few close friends. It was funny that most of the sentiments in the cards and messages that he received revolved around the idea that it was not long to go until the "big one"  Now I know that my hubby has some big plans and dreams, as we all do, but there will be time for those after he has had a chance to enjoy his day that is. One day of being 49 at the very least!

Hmmmmm. What are your thoughts about this?
Red velvet Cake for Mr M's Birthday


  1. Hey Laruel, an interesting post and I love your description of Summer from a childs perspective. I can relate to lots of things you mentioned........
    I think we all look forward to things , but maybe as a child we are more able to live in the moment as mum and dad take care of all the important 'stuff'
    When we start to age and understand how the 'world' works and the responsibilities we gather, perhaps we lose that ability.........
    Maybe we have to try harder at living in the moment and put aside all the things we should or could be doing......not easy sometimes.

    Would be interested to read what others think.....

    Claire :}

  2. Oh Laurel, I am back in grade 3 wearing my summer uniform - knowing i can go home and change into shorts and top and ride to the pool on my bike with the basket embazoned with plastic flowers! Wonderful descriptive! I was just a minute ago relishing the daylight savings epoch with the kids...fade my carpet I say LOL! Hope the Mr had a lovely day


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