Monday, October 3, 2011

The view + more craft

A few hours in the garden has certainly improved the outlook from my sewing room window. Now I may never, ever come out!

 I started this little crocheted necklace (from a Crochet Today magazine) last night to wear to a meeting today. I finished it this morning in my sewing room. It matches perfectly with my shoes and used some of the leftover yarn from my crochet blanket. Win win!

This afternoon, I even turned this offcast T-shirt into a fringed scarf a'la mollie makes! Too easy and very quick. I even made one with a grey and white stripy singlet. Did I mention I love being in my sewing room? 

check out Sally's great post on her stash-busting goal


  1. Wow you are so amazing with the things you whip up!
    I love the it.

    Check out my new website address..xx

  2. Hey Bill look here
    Hey Jane look at mISS Muggin's room
    Hey Bill look at Miss Muggin sew
    Hey Jane look at Miss Muggins go! Go! Go!

  3. No wonder you love your sewing room. It's pretty nice - and tidy too. Clever you, what a great way to recycle a T-shirt.
    Vicki's twins born in a barn? How did I miss that episode?

  4. I love that t.shirt scarf, so clever! Your garden is lovely..


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