Sunday, October 23, 2011

Postponing a Dream

 I have written before about our Small House Plan. A chance to downsize, simplify and live the life we want. About a year ago we actually went ahead and bought the house in which we intended to live the dream.

 We were unable to sell our BIG house at the time, but it was all OK as we found wonderful people that wanted to live in the small house on a month to month basis. Then we had to take our house off the market due to circumstances, but the dream was still in sight.

Over a month ago those people moved on, and we were unable to find anyone else. What should we do? How did our plan to make things easier suddenly make things so much more difficult?

Next week a new family will move into the house. But this time we are tied to a 12 month lease. So the plans will have to go on hold for a bit longer yet. We spent time there yesterday, tidying the garden and removing cobwebs and actually met the neighbours that were hopeful we were moving in. Another year seems like such a long time.  I hate wishing time away, so in the meantime I will continue to dream of a new kitchen,  paint colours and the possibilities of a new sewing nook. In reality that year will fly, and there is so much to keep me busy.


  1. Oh dear , it all gets a bit much sometimes doesn't it ! I hope things work out even better than you ever dreamed .

  2. Ah, disappointing. The year WILL fly by, truly & you'll be SO PREPARED to move then!

  3. I think that the year will just fly Laurel, look how fast this year has flown, and the house will always be yours....keep that wonderful dream, it will come true!

  4. Chin up....this year has just flown and so will the next year,just keep yourself busy and before you know it you'll be in your little house :) Barb.

  5. Yes it will, think how 2011 has flown - don't wish time away too fast, before you know it we'll our blogs will be about being a craft senior cit! LOL

  6. Aw disappointing but you will be there before you know it! And having lots of time to plan exciting things like a sewing nook will be fun!

  7. You're right, the year will fly by. I hope everything works out perfectly for you Laurel..x

    Your blanket below is stunning btw!


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