Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Pin Cushion (s)

This week's offering for My Place and Yours
A small collection of pin cushions, all in use!
  • I made the Ohio Star one from an unloved wonky hand pieced block
  • The crochet one was from a swap (made by Anita)
  • My Mum made me the flower shape one
  • I made the other one over 20 years ago. It is also the home for all of my sewing needles
Play along at Vic's place.


  1. Great that you use all your pincushions, I use the arm of the chair, not exactly the safest place lol. I have been making pin cushions this month so maybe I will reform.

  2. They all look so big, which is great and so useful. Love the crochet one! (I have a soft spot for crocheted things :-P)

  3. That's a very pretty collection of pincushions! Glad to see I'm not the only one who sticks pins in the armchair!

  4. Lovely pincushion collection! How nice to turn an unloved block into something so useful and pretty :)

  5. I have a bit of a collection too - but they're not all in use; Well done on that front!

    Thanks for joining in this week; if anybody needs a pincushion they will certainly have plenty of ideas after this week!

  6. Wow - they're fantastic. Loving your collection muchly... can't decide on a favourite though.


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