Saturday, October 8, 2011


I did a bit of re-arranging in the Good Room today. I decided to bring in the old corner TV unit (languishing, unloved and full of old video cassettes* and uni papers in the Dumpus Room) a staple furniture piece from our early married days, when  cheap and nasty seemed the order of the day. This little mission had become necessary, seeing as the Little TV has somehow made its way into the room declared to never have one! Then everything was all too matchy matchy, so I swapped and changed around a few bits and pieces from other rooms, added some neutrals and my favourite  crochet brights. The vase of  enormous roses was sourced from our OTHER garden and now I have a lovely, cosy space, even if there is a TV!

* old gems such as Brigadoon, Bernard and The Genie, Just One of the Boys, Flatliners, Blame It on Rio, Pretty In Pink,  Rocky III, Fatal Attraction (all taped from TV ) + 2 ultrasounds and a wedding video.
Now, if only there was a VCR in the good room!

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  1. You've made a lovely cosy room there! Coveting your ripple blanket! One day you may be glad of the TV, so you can escape whatever the teens/twentys are watching...and catch that brilliant documentary/lateline/new show that they will all roll their eyes at!


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