Thursday, September 22, 2011

Whoops I Did It Again!

Can't seem to help myself.....
The lure of a new project is just so irresistible.
40% off at Spotlight.
Inspiration via Mollie Makes magazine.

I am afraid there is no turning back!


  1. I stayed well clear of spotty on the 40% off day... too tempting and the stash needs busting... not filling :)

    Those squares looks fab... are you going to make a whole blanket?

  2. I love that Mollie Makes pattern - and yours look great!

  3. Who can resist yarn on sale?? Not I! I oftern and a few projects on the go at once. Happy Hooking!

  4. Love your squares - is that the puff stitch I see? I've only learnt that stitch myself recently. Great colour mix!

  5. No don't stop, it's looking gorgeous!

  6. I must have missed that one in Mollie Makes - must go back and have another look. Looks great!


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