Saturday, September 24, 2011

Writing Goals

In order to have a successful outcome in something that we choose to undertake, we need to plan for that success that occur.

To achieve your own, personal goals you first need to make a plan. This is includes what your goal/goals are, and how you are going to make them happen. It shows how you will measure your success and the time frame that you are working towards. 

Think about areas in your life that you wish to improve. Think about the  bigger changes you want to make,  things that take time and effort as well as smaller things that are quicker, and generally easier to achieve. Then write these down as specific goal statements. Write them in positive language, in the present tense. Write "I am going to......"  When you write them down you committ to them. You become accountable (to yourself)  and more able to make decisions that reflect your goals.

Make your goals visible by putting them up somewhere, or by using pictures, or photos, or words to act as reminders of your goals.  Re-write your goals daily, so they remain fresh and current. Your goals will evolve over time, and you are likely to write them differently each day. It is best not to look back at the previous day, but write what occurs to you at that moment. That is the truest goal reflection you will have. If you wish, share your  goals by telling someone positive. This also assists in accountability and may help you to connect to resources to help you.

Now write 3 actions for each goal that you can do today. Once again state these in the present tense. " I will....." It is about breaking the goal up into small parts that you can inact to achieve the changes you desire. Focus on one of the actions asking yourself "What  is the most important thing I can do today?" Now make sure that you do it. Writing the actions gives you a plan of attack with specific tasks that you can do to get on with making your goals happen. It helps to remove the overwhelm.

It is important that your goals have attached time frames, otherwise they can and will drag on forever. Be realistic about the time you give yourself ( too little or too much) and reflect on your achievements and challenges along the way. Reward yourself for progress and move on from setbacks. It is important to set measures that show when you have achieved your goal, bearing in mind that your goals will have changed and evoled over time. Ask yourself "How different will my life look to tell me that my goal has been achieved?"

Most importantly be kind to yourself as you take small steps in the right direction. Make time every day to focus on your goals and actions, and you can start to realise the life you are planning.

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