Thursday, October 28, 2010

I'm dreaming of My Creative Space

I know I really shouldn't have. I know I have a million other projects on the go.

But how could I resist? The colours, the feel of the yarn, the possibilities.

50% off too, and only days after this , would you believe!

So now I am dreaming of a Granny Square tissue Box and some Mary Go'round flower circles.

Only dreaming for now........ I promise!

More actual creating to be had over at Kootoyoo


  1. Great colours for super cool projects, love Posie

  2. that teal colour would have had me drooling, too bad I wouldn't know what to do with such a beautiful yarn. :)

  3. Gorgeous colours, there is something very inticing about new balls of lush wool, who can blame you! I love the idea of the granny square tissue box!

  4. Such lovely lush colours! Thanks for the crochet links - I'm in love with the flower rings..just gorgeous :-)

  5. gorgeous colours, can't wait to see what you dream up ! xo

  6. Great colours and wow - what a bargin.

  7. oooh yummy!! I had a feel of those little beauties yesterday -they are delish!! but not discounted in my part of the world -alas!

  8. Love that teally blue. And 50% off, well say no more!

  9. oh love, love, love! Must exercise restraint, darn, there is a Spotlight just down the road from me...


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