Thursday, November 12, 2009

my Creative Space...or lack thereof

I am hot and bothered and tired. My feet are aching. This week I have done tons of homework, been to school and worked 2 days with hot and cranky children in a week of 30+ days. I went Christmas shopping after I finished work today, the airconditioners at the shopping centre were not working. The only thing I feel like doing today for the rest of the day is nothing! After I cook dinner and hang out the washing and assist with a school project on the affects of alcohol on young poeople that is! But stay tuned, this is only a temporary situation!

and don't even go there about all the folding up that needs attention, as evidenced in the pic!


  1. (((hugs))) We all have those days, well atleast I know I do :P....

    Shopping in a hot store is the pits.. BLAH...

    I hope you are on the upside of all this stress soon...

    gotta love folding clothes...I think my piles get about 10 feet high on laundry day. I have no clue where all those clothes come from..grrrr

  2. Doing nothing is good! Listen to your body so that the next day you are filled with uncontrollable energy!

  3. Oh Laurel, it sounds like a crazy week. Its Friday today and I hope you have a lovely, relaxing weekend ahead of you. And isn't there a cool change coming on Monday? XX

  4. It's now Saturday and I hope you have found some time to relax this weekend. It think crazy week was going around ~ not to mention the heat!


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