Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Place and Yours - Through The Front Door

The Good Room is at the front of my house, and I love to look at it when I come in the front door. It is my favourite place to retreat and reflect which I have been doing quite a bit lately. It usually mangages to stay tidy, just needing a dust and a bit of "refashioning" , which I love to do often.
The bookcase in the corner made its way into the room yesterday when the teen decided it no longer had a place in her "new" room. Goody, another decorating opportunity!

Thanks Pip for the meme, and Shelley for the theme


  1. What a lovely comfy room, the perfect place to curl up with a good book I'd say!

  2. your home looks really cosy !
    i love your granny squares pillow and the freh flowers on the table :)

  3. A lovely cosy room. the bookcase is a bonus

  4. What a lovely view when you walk in the door Laurel. I'm so in love with that adorable ginger kitty cushion peeking out from the chair!!

  5. i just commented recently about how much i enjoy walking straight from the front door into a living space. it is instant impact and 'inside information' (?!) on the ones who occupy the home. i share your joy when a new piece comes into the room - a new decorating opportunity indeed! fantastic - the good room rules!!!


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