Monday, November 16, 2009

A delicious obsession

I can't help myself, I am addicted to gorgeous gelati coloured cotton. Bendigo Woollen Mills have a sale until 11th December ($9.50 for 200gms) Once I have finished obsessing over outfitting the babe, I will be crocheting some gorgeous motifs of course. Can you tell I have an obsessive disorder? The Knitted babe scored a new maxi dress, refashioned from one of the teen's offcasts (it no longer fitted her in the bust region....hmmm)

I also made a pair of hipster panties as she was rather horrified that I had shown her lace Grandma knickers!


  1. OOh, luvly. Reminds me I promised myself some of that pretty cotton, must get my order in before 11th December. Little knitted babe is getting cuter all the time.

  2. Ooh she does look stylish doesnt she. Cant wait to see what you knit her of the gelati colored cottons, arent they so smooth and nice to knit with. I think I have 2 of those colors as well. I couldnt help myself and bought 4 ply for some summer tops for my daughter.

  3. now , if that dress was on Barbie it would be stretched to the max!
    very cute!

  4. Oh Miss M,

    Thank you so much for keeping track of me!!! I was so hoping that I wasn't gone long enough to have been forgotten.

    Ohhhhhh I love the colors in your yarns!!! I have to confess that I bouhgt a few skains while we were Stateside. I found the most amazingly soft Bamboo yarn!! Have you knitted with it???? It's the most amazing yarn I have ever used. You don't want to put the work down it feels so wonderful!!! I'm knitting a little lap robe, not that it really gets cold enough to use one!! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  5. Those gelati colours do look lovely. I wonder if that is the same pink I bought or if it's brighter in which case I need that one too. I am loving that nameless doll and her ever expanding wardrobe.

  6. heheheh i love the knickers. Poor lady though..heheh

  7. She is shameless!
    Those panties, how divine!
    Thanks for the smile, so happy I stumbled upon your blog

  8. Those knickers are just TOO CUTE. Seriously, too cute. And I laughed that they are hipsters! So that's lacy and hipsters... please don't tell me that there is a g-string on the way..???!!!

  9. Love all the yarn you've got recently - such great colours. And the knitted babe certainly does look very hip in her new outfit - although what's wrong with lave grandma knickers?!!! x

  10. The knickers are so cute! As is the dress.

    Very very nice yarn also! I fully support you (emotionally) in your desire to collect more gelati colored cotton yarn.

  11. I love that yarn! I have a stack of it as I think I am allergic to wool- a discovery I have made since becoming addicted to crochet!!

  12. hehe love the hipster panties! and her new name suits her too : )


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