Sunday, November 15, 2009

Catching up..

Whilst I may have been M.I.A, there has been lots of things going on that I have certainly been thinking about.... so here they all are in a bumper post!

Courtesy of Weezies Woolies Eye Spy Adventure

The Grand Canyon in May, my brave girls
Spy more adventures over here

As for last week's Gadget I am still stumped! I have a simple mobile phone - I can't get the hang of predictive text, much to the disbelief of the teen! I love my simple camera too (Canon Powershot A510) and have learned how to do the basics. Photocopiers and overlockers scare me, but I can manage a laminator! I don't really use gadgets in the kitchen, except for the occassional blend with the blender and process with the food processor!

Gadget lovers abound here, especially Kellie the theme selector and her iPhone (sigh, but wouldn't know how to use it anyway)

My Secret Weapon of last week would have to be a virtual one - a life preserver. I was metaphorically clinging to it just to keep my head above water. Of course it would have to be as cute as this little knitted number, even if not entirely practical. And I would have skinny arms and legs as well as looking stunning in a woolly cossie!
Thanks Dot Pebbles for modelling. She is of course from The Knitted Babes Book


  1. i love laminator too! such a great item to have around.

  2. I love far too many gadgets for someone that claims to be a greeny so I will deny any implication that I own everything that could go "bing"
    The Grand Canyon? My you do get around Miss Muggins dont you?

  3. wonderful canyon photo! A real adventure! Thanks Miss Muggins for leaving a comment on my eye spy theme. That was actually just the photo for the theme, I am yet to write mine. I have got to learn to be more clear! Many people could have read my blog, gone "hummm?" and left it at that! I appreciate your comment, and have edited. A valued lesson from blog landia! Don't give up on me though, will post mine soon!

  4. Not at all!! Thanks for reading and thinking!!


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