Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hot & Not

HOT to trot - new fabric, some from the lovely Leonie and knowing what I want to sew

....getting lots of knitting done while waiting at the doctors

gorgeous girls getting along

NOT hot - having a weenie bit of a shoulder injury and being refered for an ultrasound

....visiting 2 or my fave op shops and coming away empty handed

Homework, homework and more homework (and attempting to work on a group task via e-mail...... not progressing efficiently)

-getting a call from a school co-ordinator "there has been an incident..... drawing a rude bit......there will be a detention"
knowing what I WANT to sew, but having no time to!
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  1. Lovely fabric and nothing better then the kiddos getting along :)

    Hope your injury is healed soon and that darn nasty homework is behind you without much of a hassle.

  2. lol @ drawing a rude bit. I remember doing this and I just didnt understand why it was OK for them to ram sex ed illustrations down my throat(in primary school) and then express their mortification at my creative (stick figure) interpretations. Its tough being a kid hehe. As for the "want to sew but cant", imagine how sweet it will be when you have completed your studies and are free so sew again. Its worth the pain. Stay cool!

  3. Because I didn't get that phone call (although I have had to MAKE similar phone calls), I must admit to giggling just a little. It is kinda funny. I hope you and Mr Muggins were able to laugh when the "artist" wasn't watching.

  4. Kids do that sort of thing - then move on to other things if they're aloud to forget it. (I know I did - blushing madly here)


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