Monday, September 28, 2009

Crochet Motif Month - Motifs 28,29,30 + a spare!

Crochet Motifs
Top left: Begonia Square, Top right: Mayfair Square
Bottom left: Popcorn square, Bottom right: Mosiac Tile

I have been using the wool from my ripple blanket and plan to use some assorted squares to make a matchy, matchy cushion!
Ripple Blanket


  1. I think I like the Wreath the best. Thanks for posting 30 day worth of mofits, I found it really fun.. Your ripple is comming along nicely.

  2. Hi MM...I like your crocheted pillows! I have never worked with wool yarn before. Is there another fiber mixed with the wool? Does it shrink easily or is it scratchy when used as an afghan? I also like your colors.

  3. I just enjoyed browsing through your 30 days of motifs. I will have to come back & make some of them. Thanks for including some patterns. & I love your ripple blanket! Pretty!


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