Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Heart

Home is where the heart is

The lovely (hopefully now well) Christina tagged me ages ago on the theme My Heart. I have been pondering on it and finally came up with an idea.

My home is the place that contains my husband and 2 daughters and my pets (what's left of them!), my creations and special stuff. A place to entertain friends and family, a place to create and relax. My hearts swells with pride when I contemplate what my love has achieved.
I will pass this tag on as it is a lovely thing to ponder - what makes your heart tick?


  1. Thank you Laurel for tagging me...I too will think and ponder. Kind Regards Treann.x

  2. Thanks for thinking of me and making me think what makes my heart tick! Hmmmm... so many things...


  3. Thanks too for making me think about who and what is close to my heart Laurel... I guess I just have to look around the dinner table to see! xxx

    Thanks for thinking of me!


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