Saturday, August 1, 2009


the new Guinea Pig (as yet unamed) meets Toffee... so far so good...

any name suggestions for our new little boy would be gratefully receieved


  1. Oh He is adorable how cute.
    As for a name oh my goodness what about Ted or Teddy because he looks like a little bear x

  2. Hello new little piggie! Look at your lovely colourings. Hmm... would like a silly name or a senisible name... how about 'Patch' because of your patches of white? Or 'coffee' because coffee and toffee sound like they would be good together. So is coffee and cake, but I don't think your owners would want to call you 'cake'! :)

  3. Way way to cute. Add my welcome to the rest for me please. :) No suggestions but I can't wait to hear what the girls do decide to give him a name!!


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