Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Creative Space

The very wonderful Mr Monkey very kindly offered to work on my newest chevron scarf for me today. He understood that due to working all day, slaving over a hot stove to produce a nutritious, budget conscious dinner and then rushing off to a meeting, would leave very little time for any creating. (*Refer to fine print.) Ain't he great.

A huge thanks to my lovely friend Treann, who sent me this wonderful, helpful guy as part of The Polka Dot Swap. No if only he could wash the clothes, make the lunches and mop the floors....
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* The fine print:
Work - relief day at local kinder (5 hour session)
Dinner - cheese and spinach filo parcels, with bacon and onion green beans and carrots (Source - How To Feed Your Family for $75 a week)
Meeting - Outward Bound Parent Info Session (Miss A is soon to be thrust into the wilderness with no hair straightener or skinny jeans)


  1. Good work Mr Monkey! Once you have been trained how to wash the clothes, make lunches and mop the floor please come and visit. I will give you a polka dot banana.

    Love the scarf. Maybe you can teach the monkey how to weave all the ends in? :)

  2. Hi Laurel

    I have nominated you to play along with the "My Heart' tag over on my blog - hope you can join in.
    (PS the ladle is on its way)


  3. Lovely monkey, the polka dot fabric is gorgeous, monkey is gorgeous, lucky you!
    Love Vanessa xxx (do you mind if i knit)

  4. Oh he's lovely. Loving all those polka dots!
    Outward Bound is brilliant - she'll love it.

  5. What a helpful guy.
    My daughter id a similar outward bound thing -loved every minute of it (much to her surprise)


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