Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Creative Space

A little late, but still worth sharing! A chevron eyelet crochet scarf made entirely with a bag of wool scraps from the op shop. Now I just need someone to volunteer to finish off ALL those ends!
My Mum loves the scarf so much I am going to make her one - with the same challenge...only op-shopped wool!
Kirsty has all the creative space goss!


  1. Ugh, the loose ends. They are the bane of my existence. Good luck!

  2. Three cheers for you & your op shop challenge.

  3. Love it! Love a challenge, love op-shopping, love crochet and love scarves.
    I like weaving in the ends! I know, I'm weird! Mustn't be doing it right?!

  4. The scarf looks fantastic and I love it more because it's all from the oppy. Brilliant!! (Ooooh And no you can have the ends all to yourself)

  5. Ha, you're not going to find a volunteer here! I tried to bribe my mum into doing this for me once... she turned me down cold!

  6. Super! What a rewarding way to use up yarn oddments

  7. a splendid scarf...isn't it satifsfying to create something from salvaged op shop finds.


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