Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Creative Space

My creative space involves yet more crochet!
I have run out of the green yarn to complete my market bag (don't you hate it when patterns under or over estimate quantities), so have been busy joining the stack of granny squares together to make an o so colourful rug (mmm what was I thinking!)
I have worked the last 2 days at a local kinder, so tonight it will be kicking back with more crochet, on the couch in front of Gray's Anatomy!

As for the eco yarn, for the bag, it's off to Spotlight tomorrow. Goody they have 20% off it too!

Thanks Kirsty for getting us to share!


  1. I think the colours look great. Happy Spottying tomorrow.

  2. What lovely crocheting, they look really nice, well done!

  3. your grannies are soooo beautiful!!! if it's Gray's it must mean Mad Men yippeeee

  4. At least you can get some more - that is an upside at least. Love the colours you are using

  5. very cute bag! Wish i could crochet!

  6. Great colours and beautiful crotchet


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