Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Creative Space

Well I'm off to work AGAIN today! No breakfast with the girls for me this morning. (Sigh!) So my creative space will be at a kindergarten with a creative group of 3 year olds, followed by grocery shopping. I will try to be creative with my food choices!

BUT, I am looking forward to seeing Trinny and Susanah tonight. My best friend and I are also up for some dinner and shopping. Something to look forward to!

P.S just want to say it must be the camera angle in the photo from the last post that is making me look so ample in the bust department!


  1. Have a good day Laurel....ohhh I would love to see Trinny and Susanah, that would be a great, have a good night also. Treann.x

  2. Yes, have fun!!! I think they're hilarious those two.


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