Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Thoughts

Had another day of work today - yippee for the dollars (will come in handy for something BIG coming up soon) It was a little sad however as it was the job I so desperately wanted late last year. I enjoyed it so much today and know that I would have loved working there with the wonderful Mrs Jenny... oh well, I'm also loving the freedom of relief teaching.

In the pic above you can see I added some vintage buttons to my top. Two reasons - one- I really love buttons, two- they help to make the top part sit better.

Thanks everyone who left me such lovely comments on my last post. I feel very loved. In order to love myself I have been walking often and trying to eat better. I am even going to brave the pool for some laps in the morning. I'll be the one resembling a small whale that fell into a flower bed!

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