Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I am trying really hard to be productive with my time. I am trying to prepare nutritious meals and have the lunches made the night before, with delicious treats. I am trying to walk each day. Mostly I am just trying!


  1. you cannot fail if you keep trying and by the look of it you have already succeeded. Cooking, walking etc etc.
    Im on a diet, I cannot look at those cupcakes.....nope, not even through a squinty eye..torture hehe

  2. In this heat trying is all you can do!
    WOOHOO cool change coming on Sunday , only 30C!!

  3. Looks like your doing well, keep it up!!!
    Those cakes look great :-)

  4. Morning Miss Muggins in a highly techincal process of tearing up bits of paper and scrunching them up and pickignone ... you have come out the winner !! so email me a postal address and two bunnies will be on thier way to your joint :) mantahay at

    Yay for Thursday:)

  5. Trying is indeed the most important thing! And yum I may need to try those delicious sounding cupcakes!


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