Thursday, February 5, 2009

My Creative Spaces

That should read "My Creative Chaos" This is my sewing room (dare I call it a studio???)It is such a mess that I have shifted my work to the family room! Just catching up on Days of Our Lives while I work! I will return my room to order and post another pic - that will give me incentive! blog
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  1. That's so funny, my creative space is out of control too this week... you're brave posting a pic, I wimped out and posted a pic before it got overtaken with chaos!
    Looks like you have quite a bit of creative activity going on in that chaos though.

  2. That room is just wild - makes me smile! I bet you get up to amazing creative mischief in there!

  3. Ha - that happens to me all the time & I have to shift out.

  4. ...just discovered your're so funnnnyyy...thanks for the chuckle...and that creative chaos looks a tad familiar...

  5. I could play for days in your room going through all of those boxes of things that make us crafty people go mmmmmmmmm

  6. Well,at least you have a room to keep chaos in lol.
    My poor crafts are in the garage,the kitchen,the family room,and my bedroom(more like my poor hubby).

  7. After seeing yours I was brave enough to put up a pic of mine!! Way worse then yours!!


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