Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday Musings

The girls returned to school today and I spent the whole day returning the house to some semblance of clean and neat. Apart from a few persistant ants I achieved this aim. (my sewing room aside!) Now I feel that I can get onto some crafting. I have to finish some items for The Chocolate Crow Trader, work on my magazine projects and I would love to sew my new top (that will have to wait I think!) I am starting a new venture on Friday and will be teaching a Home School group, ages 7-12. We are undertaking a project to create a Character figure (doll). I need to sketch a basic doll body and then sew 25 of them... before Friday. I love a deadline!
When I was tidying up my wardrobe and unpacking our suitcases I discovered the little baby dress I bought on our holiday and decided to hang it up in my bedroom. I love how it flutters in the breeze, it may just reside there for a while.


  1. It is lovely and looks great :) you will have to do a pretty coat hanger now ...the list never ends does it?

  2. 25 dolls bodies? It is a good thing that school started and you wont have any distractions. My distractions are all at school too YAY!

  3. What a pretty little dress! Good for you for cleaning up...I'm still telling myself tomorrow!

  4. Really pretty - we have an old Christening dress hanging in our room. I love it there, and you're right, it just flutters in the breeze, such sweet reminders.


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