Thursday, January 29, 2009

Little Cabin by the beach...

Couldn't resist sharing this pic of "Mr Muggins" doing the dishes. Now that's what I call a holiday!

We spent three magic days doing nothing much but swimming at the beach, swimming in the indoor pool, playing tennis and eating delicious food. I did several walks including a 6km coastal walk (go me!) Prior to this we spent a couple of days in the country visiting the lovely Miss Jazy and her family. I scored a couple of gorgeous vintage pillowcases, old blue cotton lace and a baby dress (project in mind) at the local oppy. We also went to the Bendigo Art Gallery to see the Golden Age of Couture Exhibition which was very inspiring. Had lunch at a beaut little cafe with excellent Chai latte. I see that Jazy is now a convert!
For those of you in melbourne - I just heard that it has hit 44 degrees! I sure felt it when I was hanging my newly washed pillowcases on the line.


  1. the holidays sound magical indeed!

  2. It looks lovely and exactly what holidays are meant to be. Wonder if that Golden Age of Couture is a travelling exhibition, I think I would like to see that one!
    We have it hot here too - 43C.
    Any news on the job front???

  3. The exhibition is only in Bendigo!
    It was very interesting to see. I still can't get over the waists on those dresses!


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