Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tales of a Hot City

Here are my "new" pillowcases. They have washed up beautifully and tone nicely with my Charlie Brown doona cover (from many years back!)
Hopefully nice fresh linen will make it easier to sleep on this stinker of a night! (wishful thinking)
We have had to bathe the guinea pigs and bring them inside to enjoy the benefits of the cooler! Poor gingy's sore back has flared up again so I have slathered him with paw paw cream (the things you do). We have been bottle feeding them water too!
The kitchen is ant city and half my garden appears to be dying. Oh the joys of summer in Melbourne!


  1. Oh what a good animal carer you are. The heat is cruel.
    Wishing you some relief..xx

  2. Ooh, coveting the pillowcases! They look lovely on the bed but I can also see a fab pillowcase dress for a little 'un. I just had to drop by, I saw your comment somewhere around the traps (curlypops?). Anyhow, your name grabbed my attention as my maiden name was sadly 'Mugleston' and Muggins was a very familiar term in the old days.

  3. OK that's it!!1 you are not allowed to go to the op-shop again without me!! You get all the good stuff fist

  4. You feel sorry for the little fluffy ones don't you. The pillows look great.


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