Saturday, February 28, 2009

Getting through...

What gets you through your housework? For me it is the pleasure of putting fresh linen on the bed. I especially love the texture of the vintage chenille bedspread with the softness of the vintage embroidered pillowcases (I added the ribbons) And who doesn't love a satin cushion!
The washing machine is having issues, so I have a big back log of dirty washing, but on the good side I have done all the folding and most of the ironing of the clean stuff! You can actually sit on the sofa in the family room!
We are having a bit of a dinner party tonight, so gotta go shop and cook and tidy. Looking forward to spending time with friends, that gets me through too!


  1. Without a doubt it's the promise of the fresh eucalyptus smell at the end of the washing of the floors.

  2. Coffee and lots of it !
    clares craftroom


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