Sunday, October 12, 2008

What ya got cookin?

Now family, this is not dinner. Sorry to disappoint you. What's that? You're hungry? Well good thing there is a lemon chicken stirfry in the frypan! Count yourselves lucky, I say!

Now out of the oven - suitably baked and aged - now to make her a special dress out of a very old teatowel that belonged to Grandma.
Just waiting for Californication to start, and then I'll get to designing!!!!


  1. I love this idea, is it for a 3 year old kinder group? Kind of like taking home the guinea pig for a weekend I guess. I MUST suggest to ours.

  2. Jamie Doll, (featured in post below) is a part of the program for the 4year old group. The children get to play with her at kinder for the first half of the year, thus forming a relationship with her. Then for the second half they take turns to take her home. It is wonderful to see how much the children gain from the experience.

  3. Oh we had this type of 'visitor' fom Kindy too! An active teddy who came with his own journal so you could record what type of excercise he enjoyed with the family during the visit!!

    I've been so excited about the new episodes of Califronication but then managed to miss both episodes:/darn.


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