Friday, October 10, 2008

Growing Pains

Meet the new Jamie Doll. I tried to make improvements on the original design, especially by making her neck stronger and therefore less prone to dangling! The outcome of the changes however led to some wardrobe malfunctions! Oh well, she is just like the kinder kids, who all outgrew their clothes a little over the holidays too!!!
P.s the children loved her. We went on a walk to the local post office to post letters they had written, and Jamie came too. We also stopped for a play at the park, and Jamie had a swing and several slides as well. It's almost as if she is real.


  1. Hi Laural,
    I just love the Jamie doll, she does seem real.It's amazing how dolls take on a personality all their own.
    Thanks too for commenting on my Little Green Cottage blog, much appreciated.
    Warmly Lenna

  2. she is a darling...
    I always find the neck the most challenging when making softies.


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