Saturday, September 27, 2008

I'm Back!

Well what a lot can happen in a few days! I went with my family for a short get away to the country to catch up with some friends. We left Thursday afternoon (after Hawks training!) and arrived back really late on Friday night. I got up super early on Saturday morning to post about it, and my computer, with a bang, a spark and a puff of smoke - blew up! It was terrible! I began to realise the nature of my addiction.... Of course being grand final weekend there was no way anything could be done about it - hubby needed to watch the final on Saturday and attend the supporter's day on Sunday, my new computer would have to wait until Monday! So after getting it up and running at midnight (hurray) - I'm back!
In case you didn't know- The HAWKS won the Grand final! This is a pic of Shane Crawford (by popular demand)


  1. We too were excited in this house. My husband, a Richmond man, texted his best mate (a Hawthorn fan) and said "Well done mate, very jealous" - you'd think they were playing!

  2. The boys were beside themselves with the win! We abandoned our attempt at the supporters day. The line was all the way back to Glenferrie Road!


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