Thursday, September 25, 2008


Public training session for the Mighty Hawks at Waverly Park, before the Grand Final on Saturday. What a good Mum I am to brave crowds of thousands (someone said 15,000) to take my daughter, the avid fan along. Talk about being out of my comfort zone! She even got filmed by the Channel 10 news!


  1. I'll keep an eye out for C on the news tonight!! I was called by a proud daddy to see if I could tape it, so you wouldn't have to wait until tomorrow to watch it

  2. You are a good mum!
    We aren't that excited about the grand final this year seeing there aren't any SA teams in it. ARe you going to the game on Saturday??

  3. That is good of you - for a daughter no less. I'll be cheering for the Hawks - only because I think Crawf is too cute - but does the reason really matter?!

  4. GO HAWKS!!!
    great to catch up with you and Hubby!


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